Eat dates to melt your kidney stones

Eat dates to melt your kidney stones

Simple remedies at home can cure much disease more effectively, Instead of going to doctor for every small problem just follows these simple tips.

Human life became busy and most of the people can’t spend their time to know the small tips that is the reason why many don’t follow those.

Throat infection, burning sensation, cold, Flem can be treated with dates. Dates syrup and extract can be used it works like a lozenges. A gifted fruit for people from arab countries.


1. Dates contain sufficient quantity of calcium to make your bones strong.


2. Dried dates cures sunstroke in blazing summer. Just soak the dates in warm water, Squeeze those fruits and drink the water in the early morning. The best medicine for sunstroke and also improves your immunity.


3. Daily intake of dates eliminates the renal stones.


4. Tannins with its mild acidic nature and astringent smell help the large intestine to fight against the foreign substance and helps in your bowl movements.


5. Khajoor bark extract is used to cure severe diarrheal and urinary infections.


6. Tooth ache is treated with its roots paste.