Everyone should know 25 facts about life

Everyone should know 25 facts about life

Many living creatures exist in this world. In all those lives human life is very precious said by our elders. After a man is born he doesn’t know anything up to 10years of his age. After that some years are gone to learn what’s happening. Next when entering into college life seems to be new. At 25 years of age we will not be a student or a family person. In that age we will learn our responsibilities. Hats the real life? Before getting 25 years these facts of life should be known said by some persons. Let’s have a look on those facts.

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1. The work/profession done by us can’t decide our value.

2. Not only yours but everyone’s life are over difficult.

3. So none will have time to remember the wrongs done by them. its waste of worrying about these.