Mix of honey apple cider vinegar and orange juice

Mix of honey apple cider vinegar and orange juice

Film Stars, celebrities generally change their style and look frequently. They will become very slim in short period. Can you people guess what the secreat of their diet is? For their beautiful shape and personality. Which kind of fruits and drinks the will drink? These are the most frequent questions usually everyone wants to know. Obesity became a major problem in many kind of people life this may be because of their food habits, or else increased work   pressures, this over weight can also bring other health disorders and thyroid problems.

At present we have choice to reduce the over weight of a body but most of them were not safe. Natural weight reduction through following small home remedies is the best ways for weight reduction.

Few people may doubt about this but no doubt it definetly works more efficiently so let us know what is the secret behind their weight reduction. It’s a surprising simple juice which can prepare at home with Limited budget.

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1. Ingredients:

One teaspoon of honey with grape, orange or lemon juice and two spoon full of apple cider vinegar.