The Difference between Hell and Heaven

The Difference between Hell and Heaven

Actually it’s a puzzled question because some will argue that heaven and hell exists but some say they don’t exist. If we keep it aside one funny incident happened at a school. In that school one boy is fond of learning new things. So one day he asked his teacher what is heaven? And what is hell? And what’s the difference between them? then teacher ask all the students to come early to school the next morning and also teacher said that she will show them heaven and hell after watching heaven and hell they have to identify the difference between them and tell her.

     In an intention of learning new thing all children came to school in a very excitement manner. According to the promise she made, takes them to heaven and hell. Teacher said to her students that firstly she will show them hell.

       By the time they went there its lunch time for them so the people of hell will sit for lunch and their plates were fully loaded with food. But they can't eat their food because they have iron thorn kdaian on their hands. They tried to eat but the thorns used to pinch their mouth. Even though their plates are fully loaded with food they used starve and look miserable.

        Next teacher took them to heaven same as hell its lunch time and their plates are also fully loaded with food and there is also a thorn kdaian on their hands. But here even though there is thorn kdaian the people of heaven are fully enjoying the food. They were eating their belly full.

     After showing them these two places teachers asks them what they have observed. Heaven people and hell people have thorn kdaian and their plates were fully loaded with food but heaven people completed their food but hell people can’t complete their food this is happened because when hell people tried to eat, the thorns used to bite their mouth so they can’t eat and heaven people kept food for others so thorns didn’t harm them anything. When only they tried to eat thorns harmed them this is the only difference between heaven and the hell. When we give to others then they will give us. Because of this concept heaven people ate belly full. as hell people lack of behavior to giving others though they have food but they can’t eat. So this is the difference between heaven and hell teacher explained clearly to children and they understood well.