What Your Name Says According To Numerology

What Your Name Says According To Numerology

In India astral has a special place. And people believe horoscope if people want to start any ceremony are to start a new business starting anything new on an auspicious day horoscope plays important role same as astrology in India also numerology has same priority. What is our psychology can know in numerology. Some wants to buy a shares or to start a new business you can check in numerology it shows you good luck or not. Your name of every letter has number basing on what kind of people you are you can know easily let’s see the original numerology shows how we are.

Did you see the numbers by basing on these numbers you can count your numbers for example take vasu: -   v=6, a=1, s=3, u=6.

Count the numbers like: - 6+1+3+6=16.

Add these two numbers also like 16, 1+6=7, and 7 is the main number it shows your psychology your likes and dislikes also.

Let’s see by basing on numerology how you are

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Your are generally super ambitious. You may face some difficulties in your path, but you have the ability to confidently overcome them all.